Advantages of Studying at EBI



  • adjusting studies to such important occupations as work, ministry or family life
  • possibilities of adapting the study-load
  • possibility of implementing the acquired knowledge and skills in one’s faith community

Evangelical Bible Institute

Evangelical Bible Institute (EBI) seeks to provide biblical and theological training, by helping its students develop the necessary skills for fruitful service in their churches and for the effective spread the Gospel in today’s culture.

EBI is a non-denominational school, with its students belonging to a variety of local Christian denominations

We uphold the authority of the Holy Scripture in our life, studies, and faith communities, acknowledging the Bible as the foundation for the programs of the school, for our mutual relationships and for our worldview.

Trustees and School Governance

The school is governed by the Board of Trustees representing seven local and international Christian organizations and denominations: Christian Fellowship of the “Word of Faith” churches, Lithuania Free Christian Church, Evangelical Reformed Church in Lithuania (Unitas Lithuaniae Synod), Lithuania Christian Fund, Kontaktmission, Mennonite Brethren, and Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities.

Our Values


God and His Word

We profess that our primary devotion is to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We consider the Bible to be God’s inspired and trustworthy Word, as well as ultimate rule of our faith and conduct.

Spiritual formation and academic training

We are determined to participate in the study programs with honesty and diligence, striving for spiritual formation and academic excellence.


We are called to follow Christ, striving for holiness in our personal lives and in our faith communities, developing spiritual gifts, as well as ministry skills.

Spreading the Gospel

We respond to God’s call to spread the Gospel in Lithuania and beyond for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

Community of Faith

We are determined to be the community that loves and follows God, where people respect and value one another, irrespective of their ethnic, cultural, social or denomination differences.


We uphold family life as a very important value in Christian spirituality.

The history of Evangelical Bible Institute begins in February of 1994. The first initiative, led by Lithuania Christian Fund and implemented at Klaipeda Baptist Church, was known as “Congregational Leadership Development Program.”

In January 14, 1997, the program was transferred to the new facilities of Lithuania Christian Fund in Siauliai . With the renaming of the program into “Evangelical Bible Institute“ – its contents changed as well. Its focus shifted to equipping potential church leaders with the foundations of theological education.

In 2000 several pilot seminars were organized in order to estimate the needs for theological education in local communities. The same year a primary congregational analysis was conducted. Its results served as the basis for the completion of 6 month long strategic planning process. The assessment of the previous EBI activity showed that the new program needs to be adjusted to meet the needs of a wider circle of Christians. Consequently, the program was reorganized as a semi-distance Foundational Theological Training program, with 13 new students joining it in September, 2001.

In 2005, the school reorganized its program into two distinct programs: the Bachelor of Christian Ministry and the Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry. In 2006, both of these programas were granted the status of “Candidate for Accreditation” by Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA).

In 2012, the school was registered as an independent academic institution with a status of public enterprise. Its newly formed board of trustees came to consist of the representatives of seven Christian organizations and denominations.

In the Fall of the same year, a new center for EBI studies, in Vilnius, was opened. Simultaneously, at the advice of the board of trustees, the school began a new, Bachelor of Theology (6-year), program.

In April of 2015, all three of EBI’s programs were granted full accreditation by the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association.